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Early Birds: Releases from 1998 until 2003.Early Birds logo

Status, Summer 2008

Der 1998 gegründete Labelzweig Early Birds diente als Sprungbrett für junge progressive Bands. Alle hier gesignten Formationen verschrieben sich vornehmelich der Musik der frühen 70er Jahre. Obwohl wir fast alle Early-Birds-Titel weiter im Programm führen, ruht seit 2004 die aktive Labelarbeit.

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Andromeda EB 003 CD
Shades Of Dawn

The Dawn Of Time

Düsseldorf's only progressive rock band is devotedto "fantastic sound fascinations on the edge of reality". Without any big commercial intention, the five SHADES OF DAWN have cultivated artrock influenced by the third division such as YES, PINK FLOYD, CAMEL, KANSAS and STEVE HACKETT. Their music impresses by sure instinct on catchy melodies, atmospheric arrangements and extensive instrumental parts. Accordingly, their debut album " The Dawn Of Time" consists of seven down the line atmospheric works of art of a great musical spectrum: from part singing and impressive keyboards as well as powerful guitars through to fine instrumental work. One thing is sure: These divine tones will take the open-minded listener into great worlds of sound.

sold out
Carol of Harvest SB 004 CD
Flying Circus

Out Of The Waste Land

Everyone with a weakness for a fully adequate 70ies diet is strongly advised check out FLYING CIRCUS immediately! On 'Out of the Waste Land', the German retro-artists again serve exquisite ingredients from the hard and progressive cuisine. And this is the recipe for the new album: On the one hand there are tracks with the spice of Led Zeppelin, on the other there is brilliantly flowing psychedelic rock with melody-infatuated flower-power vocals ­ everything seasoned perfectly with a distinct pinch of bombast. The instrumental passages (sometimes lively, sometimes spherical) sound no less successful and will start to paint many a colourful picture in your mind. As 'Out of the Waste Land' was also pepped up notably sound-wise, this second CD comes with an even more juicy flavour than their debut in 1998.


sold out
Chicken Bones EB 005 CD
Cosmic Kraut Explosion


Let us keep the fire burning: Cosmic Kraut Explosion happens where the real "Krautrock" grew. A rebirth of 11 great German Rock classics from the creative 70's. Listen to brandnew excellent progressive, psychy and hard versions of unforgettable "Krautrock" stuff. And enjoy how 11 great German bands combine their alltime favorites on one unique record: Cosmic Kraut Explosion

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