Second Battle is back in 2011

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Second Battle: our next releases.

Last update: 17th of December 2011
die erste 2066 LP in orginals + Bonus LP

SB 0076 Prof.Wolff - Same

Prof. Wolfff is a rock band formed in 1971 in Ulm, Southern Germany. With their first and only album, the band set new standards in relating rock music to lyrics in German language.
Musically Prof. Wolfff can be positioned somewhere between IHRE KINDER and MURPHY BLEND. Heavy guitars plus a classical-styled Hammond organ dominate their varied song material, with even a flute on one track. 40 years later Second Battle releases a vinyl re-issue for the first time -
in close collaboration with the band. A booklet with rare photos and concert reviews is included.


The following vinyl titles are in preparation: