Important information to our customers:

1. right to withdraw

Your Rights concerning to withdraw from a distance selling.

Status, Summer 2009

Instruction to your right of withdrawal from a distance selling.

1. Withdrawal from the contract in only possible when the original included articles are completely sealed and unopened.

Providing that the audio or video data carriers or software are not damaged or the original seal has not been broken, you have the right, within 30 days of receiving the articles, to withdraw from the contract without stating any reason.
In order to comply with the withdrawal or cancellation regulations you must post your “withdrawal declaration” within the above stated 30 days (date of sending) and return the goods in their original packaging, enclosing the delivery note and/or receipt of the goods, your bank account details and a copy of your “declaration of withdrawal”. (original send by separate post).
Every withdrawal or cancellation must be sent, with separate post to the goods, by post to

Joachim Borneleitus
Stubenrauchstr. 70
12161 Berlin

A copy can also be send by Fax to


Cancellation details.

In the case of a correct cancellation within the time stated, both parties agree to return the goods and monies received.

If you can only return the goods received in  an inferior condition or only in part (not complete) you will have to refund the value of the difference to us. This does not apply to goods that do not meet the standard that you would expect when purchasing in a normal shop or store. In addition to these facts, you can avoid having to pay some of the value back when the goods are returned,  unused and untouched and in a first class condition. For this reason music CD`s can only be returned in their original packaging without the seal or the  cellophane being opened or damaged. All goods that are delivered in  packages must be returned in the same way. You will be responsible for the costs on the return of the goods when the delivered goods match up to the order made or when the price of the goods is more then € 40,-- (forty Euros) or when at the time of the cancellation no money has been paid or part payments agreed upon have not been received. In all other cases the return of the goods will be free for you and paid by ourselves.

All refunds of payments outstanding must be made within 30 days of sending your declaration of withdrawal or cancellation.

These rules for the right of cancellation or withdrawal have been written by our lawyers in Cologne (Köln) Proft & Wachsmuth.


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